How Do I Find The Best Odds Football Accumulator?

Most punters know what a football accumulator is and how to do an accumulator but do they know how to get the best odds?
This article is to help with football accumulator tips and how to get the best betting odds for them.

Whilst all bookmakers will offer odds on all games, they will be better priced on some games and maybe offer worse odds on others. Analysing all these different bookmakers, even on a betting odds comparison site will be a time consuming task. So how can we make the job easier?

Firstly I am personally not a huge fan of accumulators as a betting strategy for football, or for any sport for that matter, however, an accumulator will cover and number of selections from two, known as a double, three or upwards.

The more selections in the accumulator, the higher the odds and the more difficult it becomes to find where to get the best accumulator odds. To simplify this process you can head over to the “Valuechecker Betting Accumulator Tool”.

Here you can use the drop down menus to select the sports and the markets you wish to play, and make your selections by clicking on them. They then go into your shopping basket. Change markets, sports or days even and continue making your selection until all the picks you have for your accumulator have been added.

Click on your shopping basket now and it will compare all the prices for the bets you want to make and highlight the best odds for each bet and finally the best odds for the accumulator you want to place with each bookmaker.

In the example below you can see I have selected the four matches from the League 2 play-offs and the Europa League

The bookmakers are listed along the top of the screen and the odds for each match displayed. Where they appear “bold”, it indicates the best odds available for the bet.

And here is where it gets clever, it then uses the table to compile the odds for your accumulator and at the bottom of the page, displays the multiple odds.

In this example, 9.66 are the best odds available for the four-fold bet from either Bet365 or BetVictor. When compared to the 8.62 odds available from Sportingbet, you can immediately see the benefit of using this tool to find where your football accumulator is best placed to get you the best odds value. What’s more, if you have an account with these bookmakers you can simply click once on the odds to go straight to your account to place the bet before the odds chance!

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