Horse Racing Betting – the basic bets on German racetracks

The betting line on German racetracks is extremely diverse. However, there are a number of basic bets,which are available at each venue. It therefore makes sense only once to provide an overview and to become familiar with the betting line.

For one nasty surprise are based on ignorance, and thus avoided the other hand can we increase the gain with skilful combinations. The mother of all betting is of course the win bet, in the later race winner is predicted. Win bets are combined with any other bets, so although the risk increases, the rate also.

Even the basic offering of bettors is the place bet, when you do not have to be so specific because the place bet is a bet type option. The horse on which this form of betting should be placed, in the later course of the race finish in the top three positions, so the bet is considered as successfully completed.

Unlike other betting services, which will be described later, it does not matter at the place bet. Rather, it is essential whether the horse is desired, first, second as and third. A combination with risk, however, is the two-bet. Non-professionals could say, that almost is a combination of two winning bets.

For any starting, the bet is lost. The situation is similar with the three-bet. In this variation in risk, is even one set on it, because here both the winner of the race, as well as the runner-up and third place winner will be told exactly in advance? Thus, the offer that there actually is on every racetrack in Germany, completed.

Nevertheless, there are many more betting opportunities that are represented also relatively common. This is discussed in more detail elsewhere. A clever combination it is always important for a successful betting behaviour and, therefore, it should be carefully studied. With one or another clever trick can thus exponentially increase the rate for risk. It therefore makes sense always to keep your eyes on, and constantly to calculate all possible combinations of inputs and outputs.

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